Books I've read & recommend

Below are the books I've read AND recommend... That means there are plenty of other books I've read I didn't feel strongly enough to want to discuss in further detail to you... In addition, only books I've discussed at further length will be listed below, so the name of each book links to the discussion.


The format of each book discussion linked below will be a cliff-notes style summary of the book to give you a grasp on the key concepts and lessons. You can then decide for yourself if you got what you think you would like to get from the book, or delve deeper into it by reading the full thing. In addition, for my deep dive discussions, the topics a lot of the time are inspired by, or directly talking about, certain books I read, so I will link to where I have those deeper discussions as well. Happy reading 🙂


Resources / Articles I recommend

Below is the same deal as the books above, except for resources or articles I've read, or listened to, on other sites that I would like you to experience.


Do I share these things, as it gives away my perspective? Or know that even if I give it away, they won't take the time to read it anyway, as I provide it in summary form.