Document vs. Create – Further Insights

A while ago I posted Document vs. Create about an entirely new perspective I now embody, that rather than trying to manufacture, or create, something– an appearance, value, etc. that may be reminiscent to that of another person’s, I will be documenting my OWN experiences.


This is because we are all unique, people are attracted to each other’s rough edges and the stuff beyond “I’m doing fine”. It’s also way easier being ME, rather than trying to figure out how I can be like someone else. If you want to read content by someone else, you can absolutely do that.


But the only reason it’s genuine, is because it’s from THEM. It’s their voice, their emotion. So anything that comes from me, must be MINE. It must be MY voice, MY emotion. And that is way more valuable than me trying to fit the mold of some niche or replicate the tone of someone else’s voice.


Because guess how many sites on the internet are written with my voice, my emotion, and my thoughts? One. That’s right, just this one, because I’m totally unique. So when I spent months and months trying to figure out what I wanted the “theme” of my website to be, I laughed when I realized it cannot or should not be anything other than ME.


Having said that, there is a TON of inspiring content that has both given me plenty of new ideas for the way I want to present content to you. I’ll be both continuing to expand upon deep thought ideas like I’ve done in the past about myself, and document my progress towards goals and such as I said I would. In addition, I will be reviewing books I read in a cliff-notes style way that allows you to grasp the important key points of the books, affording you the opportunity to see if you want to dig deeper into the book yourself. And lastly, I’ll be putting out an expanded full bio on me in an about page type thing.


I’m sure I’m forgetting something else, but I just feel super excited about the “new direction” of the site and I’m moving on to the next post right after publishing this one. See you guys later.

This is my author bio that is going to get shared on many websites. It’s cool.