Document vs. Create: A New Direction

I really love the universe. It’s amazing how being thankful for what you want, simply asking for it, and being ready to receive it can create truly magnetic opportunities in your life and bring to you what you desire.

This happens all the time for me, but in this article I’ll be discussing I discovered the other day.

My cousin messaged me on Facebook and sent me a video about business success, and just general principles of habit / success in life. The funny thing is, my cousin and I have never discussed this kind of stuff before, and when he messaged me, said that he just felt it would connect with me in some way.

He didn’t exactly know why it would connect with me, but it definitely did. The main principle I took away from this was this one line: “document vs. create”.

Hearing this line was so well timed, as I have started a new Yankees blog, and have been working on NoMoreMasked.Me, in addition to several other projects in the queue.

But this line, document vs create, is something that’s going to help me in all aspects of my life. The meaning I took from this is two fold…

  1. Let’s take building my business up to $10k per month. So, rather than “create” content to provide to you on how to do that, I will “document” the exact things I’m doing each and every day to get there. And the reason that this approach is way more successful is…
  2. …Because people embrace the story. People embrace your rough edges, and can connect with that.

Again, back to the example above. Anyone can write an article on how to do SEO, or the principles of being a good business owner. But nobody else is me, and nobody else will be doing exactly what I’m doing, the way I do it.

That is what I want to share. My perspective with you. Because I know my perspective is unique and value adding. So rather than me trying to conjure up something to provide to you, the best, most unique, raw, true way I can express myself to you is just by documenting and showing you the real thing.

Think about other celebrities or noteworthy people you know of. Who are you more interested in? The person who stands in with the crowd, follows all the rules and is always politically correct, or the person who just doesn’t give a shit, isn’t afraid to say what they want, dresses how they want, and knows they’ll take shots for the way they act but still does what they want anyway…

Yeah, you definitely identify with the latter person more. That’s me. I’m the latter person. I’ve always been the latter person, but now, I’m ready to show you, world, readers, friends, family, that. Here I am. #NoMoreMaskedMe

This is my author bio that is going to get shared on many websites. It’s cool.